The Orchid Nest inspires better birth experiences through advocacy, education, and support.

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Our team of professional doulas provide support and advocacy so that moms can experience a respectful, positive birth experience as well as postpartum support. Our skilled prenatal yoga teachers and massage therapist support the mind and body. The “Nest” provides a wide selection of educational classes to empower and prepare families for birth and beyond. We offer birth/labor tubs rentals for relief during labor and placenta encapsulation which eases the transition into motherhood. So whether you’re birthing in a hospital, at home, or a birthing center, our team is here for you. All services and classes are available  in Broward County and Palm Beach County.


Are you looking for a Doula in Palm Beach or Broward County? The Orchid Nest offers services to help you find the right doula no matter which city you are located in. We help residents find doulas in several locations, including Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Juno Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Lauderdale by the Sea, Lauderdale Lakes, Lighthouse Point, Margate, North Palm Beach, Oakland Park, Palm Beach Gardens, Parkland, Plantation, Pompano Beach, Riviera Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Sunrise, Tamarac, Wellington, West Palm Beach, and more!


Orchid Nest Kind Words
Madelyn Gray
I can not say enough good things about Julie! My husband and I decided that we wanted to have an unmedicated birth and thought that a doula would really help us achieve that goal. We went to a “meet the doulas” night and got to meet all the wonderful doulas there, but we really felt like Julie was the perfect fit for us. She was so great at answering my unending questions about pregnancy and labor and calming me down about anything I was worried or nervous about. I really appreciated how encouraging she was during the whole process. She was really worth her weight in gold during labor! I went into labor at night and texted her, we thought it would still be awhile, but things started happening quickly and she came right over to my house and helped me relax a little longer before heading to the hospital. She was such a great support for me, I was starting to panic and wanting an epidural, but she was able to help me focus and breath, reminding me to make low sounds and suggesting positions that could help. It was also great to have her there to pay attention to what was going on and make sure that things were going as close to my birth plan as possible and be a voice for me when I couldn’t. She anticipated any needs I had, and ones I didn’t know I had, it was so helpful. She held my hand when I needed it and helped my husband to be there for me and give me the support I needed. Seeing her joy when I finally delivered my baby girl was awesome too! It was great having her come over the next week also to check on us and be able to talk about our birth story, and tell me about the little things I missed too. You would not regret having her there to support you through one of your biggest moments in life!
Orchid Nest Kind Words
Erin Broadus
I wasn't planning on hiring a Doula, I thought my husband & I were well prepared for our birth plan. I developed preeclampsia and had to be induced at Boca Regional Hospital. In a panic and completely unprepared for this hurdle we hadn't planned for, the Birth House offered to send a Doula over. At 11pm exactly 12 hours from hearing I wasn't going to have the birth I planned, Samara showed up ready to go. She walked in the hospital room (the last place I wanted to be) ready with essential oils, music and so much more.  She was an amazing help, pushing on my hips when needed, reminding me to relax, placing cold wash clothes on my neck, reminding my husband to eat, keeping the music going. I honestly don't think I could have achieved a natural birth without Samara.  I could not have imagined not having my doula there, don't think about hiring a doula, just hire one! Take this advice from a mommy who thought there was no way she ever needed a Doula.  
Orchid Nest Kind Words
Alejandra Garrido
We just experienced our second miracle with the birth of our second baby girl, Catalina. Our first experience with the Orchid Nest was in 2012 when we were pregnant with Sofia. I was terrified, as she was my first child. I had heard so many stories of painful births, problems at the hospitals, etc. that I was terrified. I knew I wanted a natural birth, but was worried about the pain. I wasn't sure that I was strong enough to experience a drug free delivery. Upon hearing about HypnoBirthing, I wasn't sure what to expect. My experience was amazing! First, through the classes, I was able to understand many aspects of the birthing experience including physiological issues that I would experience as the birth progressed, as well as, countless administrative issues and decisions with the hospital that we would have to decide on prior to delivery. Not only were they able to mentally prepare me to cope with the potential pain, but I went into delivery confident that my birthing plan was based on my values and wishes, and not the hospitals. Stacy Greenberg, was my doula. I can't say enough good things about her. She not only worked with and coached me and my husband through the delivery, but she also helped me manage the hospital staff effectively. Because of the confidence that I had built in the previous months through the HypnoBirthing class and Stacy's warm and caring demeanor, my delivery was an amazing experience. I was lucky to give birth to my baby girl within 2 hours of having checked into the hospital, no pain. Stacy was beyond wonderful and I am so grateful for her support. Everytime I look back and think about how she helped me make it through, I realize, I wouldn't have done it without her. The second delivery in 2016 was just as amazing. I returned to the Orchid Nest for a refresher (free of charge) and to fine tuned my HypnoBirthing skills. I chose to use Stacy as my doula again, and again she was amazing. This delivery was extremely fast. Less than 35 minutes after being admitted into the hospital my wonderful Catalina was born. Again, no drugs, no pain. Just an amazing experience! I would strongly recommend the Orchid Nest to anyone looking to have a wonderful birthing experience. They are truly dedicated to helping the mother to be to have a great experience to go with the miracle of birth.
Orchid Nest Kind Words
Mercedes Atkinson
We happened upon Samara by chance and boy am I glad we did!!! I believe my birthing experience wouldn't have been the amazing experience it was if it wasn't for her supportive and calming demeanor. Samara helped me (try) to keep a cool head when I wasn't quite sure I could. I kept my eyes focused on her while she kept calm and guided me through with confidence. She is someone you want around- a kind, fun, open, and knowledgeable person. It felt like a had a friend in the room- and she fast became one. She went above and beyond the call of duty and played the role of photographer as well and documented the arrival of our son with amazing photos we will treasure forever. The day you welcome your child into your family is unlike any other and I'm so grateful that that day was made easier and more beautiful by having Samara by our side.
Orchid Nest Kind Words
Courtney McMillan
Highly recommend Lorie and her team. As a midwife, I have seen the difference a doula can make first hand - before, during and after birth. Thank you for the work you do!!
Orchid Nest Kind Words
Joelle Taylor
I believe it was during the second trimester that Matt and I went to "Meet the doula night" at the Orchid Nest. We both immediately felt connected to Elle. And we had a lot in common!! We met quite a few doulas that night but I remember while talking with Elle I started crying out of no where (no it was not just the pregnancy hormones lol). I cried because I was SO happy to feel like my support system was finally complete. I was a total basket case the first trimester of pregnancy always in fear that something bad was going to happen to our baby. I knew what I needed most was an amazing support system by our side and Elle completed it along with my awesome midwife Courtney McMillian and Perinatologist Dr. Lowe. I felt like from then on I could have a calm and exciting pregnancy and a beautiful birth. I wanted to feel totally connected to our baby and love him from the inside and not always fear the worst. Elle was such an essential part of my pregnancy and birth. Anytime I needed her she was always available. Any concerns or questions I had she knew how to help me through them and guide me in the right direction. We loved having her over for our prenatal visits! And so did our fur babies! Haha. Elle continued to encourage me and support me not just with her professionalism and knowledge but also with so much compassion. Anytime I would feel anxious about anything she knew how to calm my nerves. I don't know what I would have done without her at the hospital by our side every single day we were there. The two days of labor before our babe was born were physically and emotionally exhausting and Elle stayed by our side helping me through it all. She walked the halls with us what felt like a million times. Helped me breathe and work through some intense contractions. And was the calm and encouraging voice I needed when making the difficult decision of how to meet our baby safely. Like most birth plans our didn't go exactly how we had planned. But we knew it was the way our baby needed to enter this world to finally meet us safely. Thank you Elle from the bottom of our hearts for all of your invaluable support and helping us welcome our sweet baby boy into this world. You totally rock at what you love to do! Thank you for the amazing priceless photos you took for us. Thank you for visiting me postpartum and helping me with breastfeeding! Even though I had visits with Lactation consultants beforehand, it was your postpartum visit that seriously was the turning point for me and gave me the confidence I needed to know I could do it and not to give up! And omgosh those controversial honey sticks were my lifeline!!
Orchid Nest Kind Words
Candace Stanley
Prenatal Yoga with Tracey is beyond outstanding. I look forward to her class every week. She's such a calming spirit and makes my day every Saturday! I'll definitely be taking this class through my entire pregnancy. Not to mention, the ladies I've met there are super sweet and we update each other every week on how our pregnancy is going. It's like a second family!
Orchid Nest Kind Words
Team Orchid
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