6 Benefits of a Water Birth

mstone@561media.com - March 27, 2018
6 Benefits of a Water Birth

For many first time mothers, one of the biggest questions in planning for the birth is whether they should use a birth tub or not. Water births have increased in popularity in recent years and for good reason. Although a waterbirth may not be for every woman, there are many benefits. An experienced doula near you will support your decision to use a birth tub or not to. At Orchid Nest, we want to help each woman plan for a birthing experience that they are excited and ready for. That is why we work with hospitals that support a woman’s right to choose their birth plan. Let’s explore some of the benefits and other factors to consider regarding a water birth.

  1. The pain of childbirth is one of the major factors a woman worries about leading up to the delivery. Modern medicine has come up with drugs that will minimize the pain, but they also make it more difficult to push, often lead to complications, and some say they prevent proper bonding between the mother and child. The warm water submersion of a water birth has been shown to provide natural pain relief to the mother. This is one of the main reasons many pregnant women plan to have a birthing tub present.
  2. Laying on your back is not the only good position for giving birth. Doulas and some doctors will recommend finding a position that feels comfortable to the mother. A comfortable position may help ease and speed along a delivery. However, moving is not easy when you are 9 months pregnant and experiencing regular contractions. The buoyancy of water makes it easier for the mother to move and change positions until she finds a position that feels most comfortable.
  3. As taught in hypnobirthing courses, conquering labor and delivery is achieved through mental concentration and relaxation. The warm water of a labor tub is considered relaxing to most women and helps them maintain a calm throughout the delivery. The warm water also helps relax muscles that may tighten up during labor.
  4. The need for medical intervention is scary for a mother. Procedures such as cesarean section have much longer recovery times and prevent the mother and child from being with each other immediately following the birth. Water births have been shown to have lower rates of interventions such a c-sections and episiotomies. The need for fewer interventions often means better outcomes for both the baby and mother.
  5. The use of a birthing tub has also been shown to speed up labor and help a woman’s cervix dilate quicker. Some women who do not want a water birth may still request a tub for the earlier stages of their labor to speed up the process. The mother will move to a bed when the labor has progressed to a certain stage.
  6. Privacy during labor and delivery is difficult to achieve. Labor pools are generally at least 24 inches tall and provide hard to come by privacy for a mother during labor. At a time when everyone is focused on the most private parts of a woman, a little extra privacy is likely comforting and relaxing.

Birthing Tubs: Not Just for Home Births

Water births and home births are often associated with each other, however, not every home birth is a water birth and not every water birth is a home birth. More and more, hospitals are choosing to support water births. In fact, Orchid Nest has a relationship with multiple South Florida hospitals that allow us to set up a birthing tub inside their labor and delivery suites. This way, mothers are allowed the many benefits of a water birth along with the comfort of a doctor and their medical interventions nearby if needed.

The miracle of birth is exciting for new parents. A mother-to-be and her South Florida doula will be considering every detail leading up to their delivery process. Whether the parents-to-be opt for a home birth or a hospital delivery, they should consider a labor tub rental from Orchid Nest. These tubs are designed specifically for labor and delivery, with strong walls and handles for the mother to grip. Every mother-to-be deserves the benefits of a water birth to ease their journey into motherhood.

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