All About Doulas for a Home Birth - May 17, 2018

You may be asking yourself, is hiring a doula for my upcoming homebirth worth it? To understand if you need a doula or not, it’s helpful to know what a doula is and what the main purpose of there job is. Orchid Nest’s professional doulas have been servicing Delray and Boynton Beach for several years. We are here to tell you everything there is to know about doulas and their role in home births.

What is a Doula?

In short, a labor doula is an expert in labor support. Support may be a bit of an understatement for the full capabilities of what a doula does. Doulas provide you with:

  • Physical comforting by showing you proper positions and techniques when entering the birthing stage
  • Emotional and psychological support by providing guidance and ease through the pregnancy process
  • Supporting you with all decisions you need to make

Doulas put their complete focus on these values and keep their skill sets broad to make sure they match the needs of each family.

Do You Need A Doula For Home Births?

Although it’s not completely necessary, doula’s are a huge help both physically and mentally during pregnancy, especially in a homing environment. Being inside of a home rather than a hospital environment allows for a much more peaceful setting where a doula is able to freely move around and not have to worry about other patients or chaotic noise. Doulas will always put your emotions before anything else, being there when you need them the most. Doulas are always here to help you, make sure there’s always time to talk about anything that’s on your mind, and make sure you’re comfortable.

Conflicts Between Partners and Doulas

Many people often worry when hiring doulas because of the potential of a conflict between the birthing partner and the doula. The reality of the situation is that birthing partners and doulas can make a great duo. Both partner and doula have the same goal in mind, caring for the laboring woman. Having a doula present takes a great weight off of the partner’s shoulders. A partner has the stress of being the person who knows them best physically and emotionally and is also expected to know all the techniques and procedures of taking care of their pregnant partner. Doulas are experts in this field and can help deal with a lot of these problems.

Post-Labor Reflection

After the baby is finally born, doulas are expected to return to you to reflect on your time together and talk about the experience of giving birth. Doulas will also teach your family how to properly take care of each other and realize the joy and challenges that come with parenting. By filling in the gaps of what you haven’t learned, it helps build confidence in your ability to care for your new baby.

We hope that this article was able to give some good pointers on how a doula can be beneficial to you in a home environment. Labor and delivery can be a beautiful and peaceful event with the proper guidance and support. To work with one of our highly experienced labor doulas, call the Orchid’s Nest at (561) 865-5692.

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