All About Doulas for a Hospital Birth - April 30, 2018

Orchid Nest doulas work with pregnant women in the Coral Springs area to promote positive birthing experiences. Doulas are not just for mothers planning home births. In fact, our practice has a wonderful working relationship with several hospitals in South Florida. It common for mothers to have the safety of a doctor and hospital as well as the support of a labor doula. Creating a comfortable space for the birthing mother and family is one of the tops goals of a labor doula. Here is everything to know about having a doula at your hospital birth.

OBGYN vs Doula

An Obstetrician-Gynecologist is a medical doctor with many years of training on women’s health and medicine. OBGYN’s are trained to deliver babies and take certain medical interventions when necessary. An OBGYN can handle even complex pregnancies, with the ability to perform operations such as cesarean sections.

Labor Doulas to not actually usually deliver babies. Their role is as a coach and supporter of the laboring mother. A doula is trained to support you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and through information and advocacy. Doulas are generally part of a team that includes a doctor or a midwife.

Doula: Support for Every Birth

Just because you are planning on getting an epidural or other medical interventions does not mean that a doula cannot help you. In fact, many high-risk pregnancies benefit from including a doula in the process. Your doula will not judge you for any decisions you make for your birth plan or during the delivery. Contrastly, your doula will make sure you have all of the information about each choice and support you regardless of the decision you make. Additionally, your doula will happily talk you through any and every part of your labor. Some mothers feel more at ease when they are aware of what is being done to them because it helps them feel in control of their bodies.

Setting the Mood

Having a baby at a hospital does not mean that you have to feel like you are in a stuffy, cold, antiseptic-smelling space. Your doula will provide you with a variety of options to create an environment that is soothing and relaxing. Some of the things your doula may do to create a proper environment are used essential oils for aromatherapy, play soothing music, or provide extra blankets and pillows.

Water Births in Hospitals

Nothing is a requirement when working with a doula, but there are many options including the use of a birthing tub. Having a child at a hospital does not have to discount the use of water therapy for your labor and delivery. Orchid Nest has a great relationship with Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, and St. Mary’s Medical Center which are located in South Florida and all allow birthing tubs in their labor and delivery suites. Warm water has been shown to ease pain and relax laboring women in addition to many other benefits. If you are interested in incorporating a birthing tub, talk with your birthing team about making it happen! Read more about water birthing in our other blog, 6 Benefits of a Water Birth.

Doulas and Low Complication Rates

Many pregnant women choose to have their child at a hospital because, in the event of a complication, there is a doctor there to operate or take any needed measures to save the lives of her and the baby. However, preventing complications is just as vital and resolving them. Our Coral Springs-based doulas are trained with the evidence-based knowledge and they are not just working off of wives tales and superstitions. In fact, studies have shown that the presence of a doula decreases the complication rate and cesarean sections rate greatly. Doulas are passionate about what they do because they know it works. Regardless if you have a low risk, simple pregnancy, or you are facing a complex and high-risk pregnancy and delivery, a doula can help comfort the mother, ease the process, and possibly reduce the risk of any potential complications.

Benefits of a Doula

  • Physical Support
  • Emotional Support
  • Advocacy for the Mother
  • Evidence-Based Information and Education
  • Partner Support

If you are planning a hospital birth in Coral Springs, consider hiring a local doula from Orchid’s Nest. A doula can offer you much needed and much deserved support through your labor and delivery. Whether this is your first or third child, it is never easy. Doulas can offer physical and emotional support as well as valuable information throughout this emotional process. To talk with a local Coral Springs doula today, give our office a call at (561) 865-5692.

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