How Does Hypnobirthing Work? - February 27, 2018
How Does Hypnobirthing Work?

Hypnobirthing is a technique that utilizes meditation, deep focus breathing, visualization, and relaxation to comfort mothers during child labor. The goal of hypnobirthing is for a woman to replace fear of pain with relaxation for a relatively easy birth.

Since the early 20th century when doctors started medicalizing childbirth, the idea of childbirth has been made to sound worse and worse for mothers. Women have been heavily medicated, cut and forced into traumatizing experiences that are not always necessary. The recent history of childbirth creates fear in a woman and does not allow the body to relax and proceed through the process of childbirth in the way that is was designed to. What hypnobirthing classes teach you is most important, not to be afraid of childbirth.

The Creator of The Mongan Method

Hypnobirthing – The Mongan Method was created by Marie Mongan, a hypnotherapist and hypno anesthesiologist. Her method is based on the idea that your body cannot be relaxed while at the same time being in fight-or-flight mode. Your body must relax in order to create and release all of the natural chemicals intended to help a woman through childbirth. What hypnobirthing does is replaces the fear with relaxation.


When you are in a hospital delivering for the first time with bright lights a white walls, people screaming and running all over the place, it is not a comforting experience. Additionally, if you previously had a negative birth experience it could be understood why your body might go into fight or flight mode. Once your body is in fight or flight mode, your body begins to release stress hormones. Your digestion slows down, your heartbeat speeds up, blood gets pushed to your extremities and away from your uterus. This causes pain in the uterus and slows down the labor process. If you were really in a life or death situation then your body would be trying to save you and hold off on the birth. However, it’s just the birthing experience that is causing the fear and fight-or-flight response. Understandably, this cycle is very dangerous and usually is what leads to complications ending in an emergency c-section.

Nature’s Pain Killers

When a woman relaxes during labor, the body does an amazing thing: it activates a different set of chemicals. Oxytocin, prostaglandins, and endorphins are released which ease the pain of contractions. Serotonin is released which boosts the mother’s mood and causes the muscles in her body relax push easier.

It has been seen time and time again that patients receiving placebo treatments feel and look better. This is because the brain is a powerful organ that has great control over our body. If what goes on in our brain is good and healthy, then we start to see and feel that through our whole body. We have much more control over our mind and body than what a lot of people think. By training the conscious and subconscious mind to be strong and picture a healthy, gentle, and easy birth, the mother is able to avoid the fight-or-flight response and proceed with the labor with ease and comfort. Even though Hypnobirthing has not been formally studied, experts say it makes sense based on their understanding of how the human body works. More so, women who have experienced birth with hypnobirthing speak about how the experience helped them through their child’s delivery.

If you are interested in utilizing hypnobirthing for yourself, Orchid Nest offers a 5-session long course where they teach you the theory, practices, and provide you with a book, Hypnobirthing – The Mongan Method. This course is taught by certified educators would believe in your ability to have a natural, healthy birth.

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