How Doula’s Support Cesarean Sections - June 19, 2018

The idea that doulas only provide service to mothers for home births is simply a myth. Most doulas will gladly provide service to women regardless of the birth plan they choose. Doula’s work in homes, hospitals, and even in operating rooms. A doula can be a major comfort to a woman who gives birth via cesarean section. Orchid Nest doulas experienced in C-Sections have worked in hospitals in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and surrounding areas. Here is how a doula can support a woman through a cesarean section.

Cesarean Sections & Frequency

Almost 30% of births in the United States are via cesarean section. This procedure is a major surgery that takes weeks for complete recovery. Many of these women do not plan on a cesarean section, but it becomes medically necessary. The presence of a doula can help reduce additional complications greatly. A doula provides a helping hand and supporting voice for birthing mothers of all kinds.

How Doulas Advocate For Mothers

One major role that a doula plays for a mother during a cesarean section is that of an advocate. When on the operating table, a woman may feel vulnerable and helpless. A doula’s ability to effectively advocate for their patient is one of their greatest tools. Many hospitals have begun to offer family-centric c-section operations. Doulas can help facilitate the communication between all parties involved to make these types of arrangements happen and help the process go smoothly. Another way that a doula can advocate for a mother is by communicating with the woman throughout the delivery. The doula will explain the steps that the doctor is taking and in the event that a choice needs to be made, the doula can ensure the mother gets all of the necessary information.

Doula Practices During C-Sections

During a vaginal birth, a doula may incorporate aromatherapy techniques to help relax a laboring woman. Anything that releases particles into the air is not allowed inside of an operating room due to increased risk of infection. Doulas have multiple other methods for relaxation that they use during a cesarean section procedure as an alternative to aromatherapy. A doula may play relaxing music, provide words of encouragement, and hold the mother’s hands.

Postpartum Doulas For C-Sections

Breastfeeding and caring for a baby is a lot of work for any mother, but a c-section can add even more challenges. The incision site will be painful and may limit the new mother’s movement for several days following the procedure. Breastfeeding the baby can be increasingly difficult and painful. A postpartum doula is a doula with specialized training in helping women with the challenges that come following the birth of a child. In the event of a c-section, the postpartum doula can assist the mother physically and emotionally. The doula may actually help the mother hold the child during the breastfeeding process. No woman should have to sacrifice the bonding experience of breastfeeding because of a cesarean section.

Childbirth is a vulnerable experience for laboring mothers that is only heightened by the need for a cesarean section intervention. Potential complications may make a mother feel anxious and sacred. Doulas at Orchid Nest are experienced in working with mothers and families through a cesarean birth. A doula can provide the added support and comfort to get the family through this experience a little easier. For a labor or postpartum doula in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, or a surrounding area, contact Orchid Nest at (561)865-5692.

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