Incredible Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation - December 18, 2018
Placenta Encapsulation

Many women have heard about Placenta Encapsulation before. A method of preserving their placenta after giving birth. The reason for consuming the placenta is because of the plentiful amount of nutrients that are stored within it. Nutrients that your body has been depleted of.

With a Birthing Center like Orchid Nest, you are able to turn your placenta into a small daily vegetable pill. Exactly like a daily vitamin. The placenta goes through a drying process then is grounded down into a very fine powder. This powder is placed into a capsule so new mothers that are nutritionally depleted can take a super vitamin after giving birth.

What is Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation involves taking your placenta after giving birth and having it dried out safely. Once dried, it gets ground down into a fine powder and placed into vegetable capsules. These capsules are very easy to take with little to no taste. It is as simple as taking a vitamin every morning. However, this vitamin is packed full of natural nutrients.

The placenta is large enough that it produces 30-60 days worth supply of Super Vitamin Placenta Pills.

The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

So many women nowadays are discovering the beneficial effects of Placenta Encapsulation. The nutritional replenishment it provides for your body postpartum is beyond anything over the counter can deliver. It naturally enriches your entire body with nutrients like:

  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Help With Postpartum Depression

As many as 15% of postpartum mothers unexpectedly develop some form of depression. Any symptoms of depression can make it difficult to meet daily demands. Especially the demands of nourishing a baby.

Consuming Placenta may help ease postpartum depression symptoms by revitalizing your body with what it has lost nutritionally. After birth, most new mothers experience blood loss, fatigue, and an influx of pregnancy hormones. Taking a mega vitamin that is created naturally from your body’s own nutrients eases these symptoms of depression.

Your placenta is packed full of nutrients that are incredibly beneficial for your body. It replenishes your body’s system with natural sources of iron and protein. Helping reintroduce essential hormones needed to balance your body’s levels after giving birth.

Placenta Encapsulation specifically targets your body’s fluids and blood and infuses them with natural nutrients. This increase of vitamins into your blood system helps reduce postpartum bleeding.

Oxytocin Release

Studies have shown ingesting your placenta after giving birth boosts oxytocin levels. This is the Feel Good Hormone. Raising your oxytocin levels helps stabilize your moods.

By Boosting your body’s Oxytocin Levels, you also help your uterus return to its normal size.

Increase Iron Levels

At Orchid Nest, our Birthing Center stresses the importance of restoring iron levels. After giving birth, your iron levels are essentially depleted. When your iron levels are low, your energy levels are immensely low as well.

Increasing your iron levels helps prevent Anemia. By preventing iron deficiency, you help prevent insufficient milk production and urinary tract infections from occurring.

Placenta Encapsulation provides your body with benefits that truly help you balance physically, mentally, and emotionally. We understand how important it is to replenish your body after giving birth. Contact the leading Birthing Center, Orchid Nest, at 561-865-5692 today. We will answer any questions you may have about Placenta Encapsulation and so much more.

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