Lorie McCoy (she/her)

Lorie has been educating and advocating for families in South Florida since 1999. She is the founder of the Orchid Nest and a recognized international doula trainer and mentor.  Her life’s work is to change current birthing practices that are not respectful to our newest citizens nor supportive of a mother/birthing persons intuitive wisdom concerning birth and their body. Lorie is a birth doula and has had the honor of attending well over 1500 births. She is also a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, HypnoBirthing Fertility Practitioner and trainer for the HypnoBirthing Institute. She is also an aromatherapy enthusiast and responsible for creating her own product line that sells both in her boutique at the Orchid Nest and online. When Lorie isn’t attending births, encapsulating placentas or teaching she spends her precious non-working hours with her family and a menagerie of furry creatures.

Arian (she/her)

Arian’s mission is to bring joy to families. She provides compassionate and loving services to birthing people and their families as they plan for childbirth, parenting, and beyond. Arian is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor, and a trained Doula working toward certification. Arian assists in creating a sacred experience throughout their journey. She studied Clinical Psychology at the University of Central Florida where she graduated with a Master of Arts in 2007. Arian has been an avid yoga practitioner since 2007. She completed her the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training program in Kerala, India in 2012 and a YoMama Yoga Prenatal/Post Natal and Mommy and Me Teacher Training in 2014. Arian found her passion for being in service after she had a child of her own. She had the birth of her dreams with the support of the women at the Palms Birth House and Orchid Nest. Since then, Arian attended a Sacred Doula Retreat in 2015 at Kashi Ashram. Arian is happily married and loves living less than one mile from the beach with her wife and two children.

Samara (she/her)

Samara is a birth doula. Samara has been a doula for over seven years and is certified through DONA and Sacred Doula. She is also trained as a Birth Assistant for home and birth center clients. She joined the Orchid Nest in 2015 where she found her tribe and are as passionate about birth as she is. Samara believes that whether you are a first time parent-to-be or working on a soccer team, your birth experience is something that is special and intimate and you deserve to feel empowered and informed throughout the entire journey. She shares her life with her husband and two amazing little humans. She enjoys everything that life has to offer during this “season” of little people and considers a career in midwifery in a future season.

Elle (she/her)

Elle is a birth doula.  Danielle (Elle) Rebuck is a certified Sacred Doula. She has a passion for birth and believes in the ability and choice to birth in that feels intuitive.  In addition to being a part of the team at The Orchid Nest, Danielle runs a non-profit foundation for pregnant women struggling with addiction. She believes that birth can be a place of tremendous growth and place of healing and that all birthing people should be treated with respect and compassion. She strives to help educate her clients in all areas and her mantra is “I am here to be your advocate, to listen to your needs, make sure you are heard, to educate you, empower you, and support you.”

Charlene (she/her)

Charlene is a licensed registered nurse, licensed massage therapist and licensed esthetician.  She has over 15 years in bodywork education and lovingly combines her knowledge in health and healing into all her holistic treatments. Charlene was trained on the island of Kauai in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage. She is passionate about feminine health and support. When she is not at work she spends her time with her husband and two little boys chasing waves at the beach or in the kitchen creating delicious and healthy recipes.

Karen (she/her)

Karen is our office manager aka office magician.  She loves being part of the team and supporting the process of families in their pregnancy and birth journey. She is a also a trained labor and postpartum doula.  She was born and raised in beautiful Colombia and came to the US in 1999.  Prior to working in the Nest, she was a Spanish medical interpreter, firefighter, and EMT.  Her off work passions are traveling the world, being in service to other people & just chilling at the beach with her beautiful family and friends.

Julie (she/her)

Julie is a birth doula. Julie is a trained Sacred Doula and a certified prenatal and postpartum health and wellness coach. Her philosophy is that every person deserves a safe and empowering birth experience. She believes that a doula can provide essential emotional, physical, and educational support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond. Julie grew up with a passion to advocate for women and birthing families. She continues to help families gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the birth options which are right for them. She is trained in a variety of comfort and coaching techniques such as rebozo and breath-work and continues to seek out opportunities and educational sources to expand her knowledge of birth. Outside of birth work, Julie is a mom of two with a passion for nutrition, aromatherapy, physical fitness, and sunshine.

Taryn (she/her)

Taryn is a birth doula. Taryn is passionate about spreading love and empowerment to families of all backgrounds. She believes that it is vital for birthing families to know they have a voice during one of the most important times in their lives. It takes a village and she believes having a doula is a powerful step to create a village of love and support for both pregnancy and postpartum. She shares her life with her supportive husband and their three little humans.

Solange (she/her)

Solange is a birth doula.  Solange joined the birth community in 2017 and is both a birth doula and HypnoBirthing practitioner. Her own pregnancies and birth journey inspired her to become involved in birth work. Her goal is to provide the kind of love and support to families that she received during her pregnancies and births. She is passionate about providing non-judgmental and individualized support of a family’s choices. As a doula she helps create a sacred space for families to feel comfortable and empowered. Solange was born in Argentina and resides in Lake Worth, Florida with her wife and adorable son and daughter.

Karin (she/her)

Karin is a birth doula. Karin’s desire to work in the birthing community presented itself at a young age. Having experienced both a hospital and home birth, she found herself reconnecting with her childhood aspirations to be the kind of person who supports the needs and desires of birthing families. She believes that the immense power of a positive birthing experience should be a story every birthing person gets to create. Karin’s other passions include cooking, crafting, loving and doting on her husband while chasing her two precious children around.

Naria (she/her)

Naria is a labor doula.  During Naria’s sophomore year of college, the seed of understanding labor and birth was planted. She could have never imagined that this seed would have been nurtured for the next 10 years and bear fruit to her becoming a birth worker. It was while being pregnant with her first child and putting all that she had learned throughout those 10 years into practice, did the passion and desire to empower women/birthing people into having an intentional birth come about. Naria is a firm believer that when parents are given the opportunity to make choices for their own birth experiences they can truly experience an intentional birth no matter how they choose to birth. Naria is a teacher by trade and currently teaches at Florida Atlantic University High School. She has a deep interest in understanding the role of good nutrition during pregnancy. She loves to read and play board games. She currently resides in Lantana with her daughter and husband.

Jill (she/her)

Jill is a postpartum doula and lovingly called Mamadoula by her two “thirtysomething” daughters, Jill has been a dance and body wisdom instructor for nearly 45 years, and she brings a lifetime of experience and compassion to the families she serves as a postpartum doula and lactation educator. Intuitive and nonjudgemental, Jill pours her love onto new families with a song in her heart and a beat in her step. When your support village is too far away or simply too close for comfort, Jill can easily step in to take the helm in mothering you and your new addition until everyone finds their footing.

Bridgette (she/her)

Bridgette Foulis is a postpartum doula. She was born in NY but raised with lots of love in South Florida. She loves all aspects of family planning, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care.  She believes that each family is different and enjoys helping families discover their own style. She desires for families to feel confident and lovingly help them through any challenges that may arise. She is CPR certified and completed her training through Sacred Doula. She was fortunate enough to travel to Indonesia for doula training  led by Lorie McCoy and found a deeper understanding of the needs of the mother/baby/family unit. She is happily married to a very supportive husband and has 4 wonderful children.

Dieulene (she/her)

Dieulene is a postpartum doula and CPR certified.  She was born in Haiti and raised in Miami. She has 15 years of childcare experience specifically working with neurodiverse & disabled children. Dieulene had the experience to work for a foster group home for 5 years. In that role she cared for preemies, infants, toddlers and even teenagers making life changing impacts on a daily basis. In August 2020, Dieulene transitioned her career into becoming a professional postpartum Doula. Helping families and caring for newborns has always been an innate passion so needless to say, she loves her work!

Sheila (she/her)

Sheila is a postpartum doula and will be graduating from midwifery school this year.  She is a natural at helping families adjust to life with a newborn and meeting them where  they are, wherever that may be.  She looks forward to meeting with you and discussing your concerns, preferences, questions, and expectations, for your wonderful journey to newborn care.  **Services are available in English, Haitian Creole and some French.

Lotus (she/her)

Lotus loves serving mothers, children and families. She is a postpartum centric doula which means that while she offers care throughout the parenting continuum (from preconception to postpartum- which is forever!).  She is skilled in deep listening, nourishing food and herbal care, loving touch and nervous system regulation tools.  She focuses on supporting the mother to meet the five universal postpartum needs which are rest, nourishing foods, loving touch, spiritual companionship and time in nature.   She is extra passionate about supporting survivors of childhood trauma and sexual assault and is adept at working with people through crisis, grief and loss. Her doula care includes support for early birth (miscarriage), medical terminations and abortions as well as postpartum after loss. On a personal note, Lotus is married and the mother of two vibrant littles.

Lindsey (she/her)

Lindsey is a labor doula. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from The Ohio State University in 2004.  Her background has positively impacted all that she brings to her doula support. Getting pregnant with her first son in 2017 ignited a passion and harnessed a love for pregnancy and birth.  Combining doula training, her independent research and unique personal experiences delivering at a hospital as well as at a birthing center, she became a certified birth doula through Contemporary Doula International. Lindsey will guide and nurture you to give birth in a way that makes you feel confident and empowered. When she’s not doula-ing, Lindsey and her husband love exploring with their two toddlers Liam and Lincoln. They find peace in nature and adventure seek in their RV.

Madelyn (she/her)

Madelyn is a birth doula. Madelyn was always fascinated by new life coming into the world.  Her own births and through the support of her own doula she experienced empowerment and really understood how important doula support really was!  She is certified as a professional birth doula through Contemporary Doula International. Madelyn is passionate about providing mothers that same care and support and would be honored to be that person for you. Outside of attending births Madelyn can be found at the beach with her husband and their two little girls, baking, or crafting.

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