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Aromatherapy For Motherhood

Aromatherapy is a 4000-year-old science, using pure extracts of plants to improve physical, mental and emotional health. Join us as we explore the benefits of using pure essential oils during labor and for the first year of your sweet babe’s life. Each student will create an aromatherapy product to take home.  **this class is NOT associated with any particular essential oil brand.

Investment:  $50 per person (your partner can attend for $25)

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A recent testimonial:  “I highly recommend the Aromatherapy for Motherhood workshop at The Orchid Nest! There is a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to the safe and effective use of essential oils and, unfortunately, companies who do not offer quality products. Prior to the workshop, I still had questions on what oils are safe around children and babies, the best diffusers and brands to buy, how to dilute oils safely, and how oils are best used to access their powerful medicinal and therapeutic benefits. All of this information was covered in the workshop, and so much more! I knew by attending this workshop that I’d be accessing trustworthy information from a reliable source—Lorie has not only researched this topic extensively but has also been using essential oils for over two decades, both personally and professionally. It was such a fun night with other moms at The Orchid Nest. I look forward to learning even more about essential oils and how my family can continue to benefit from them in our everyday lives!” ~Karen Schatten


Comfort Measures For Labor

ONLINE via Zoom until the Covid-19 crisis is resolved.

Learn how you can incorporate positioning, relaxation, visualization, massage, breathing, aromatherapy and rebozo into your pregnancy and birth experience. This is a great, interactive class for couples taking a basic childbirth education class, or couples wanting a refresher course for a second baby!

Investment:  $50 per couple

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Immunization Lecture Featured Class with Dr. Ian Shtulman

One of the hottest topics in healthcare today is the discussion about whether to vaccinate your children or not. Dr. Ian will be presenting an abundance of information on this topic from reliable, credible resources to allow you to get the full spectrum of information that is available. He believes that the best decision you can make regarding immunizations for your children is to BE INFORMED! After attending this workshop you will leave with valuable resources to continue your own research at home and feel empowered with the knowledge gained to make a better, informed decision regarding this issue. Do not let your medical doctors, family or friends sway your opinion without getting the facts first!

Investment:  $50 per couple

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Milk Talk & Tea

Breastfeeding should be natural and easy, right? Natural, absolutely. Easy, not always. Let’s gather to work out the kinks of nursing before they occur. We will discuss common myths vs realities. We will get your breastfeeding experience off to a great start so that you can focus on enjoying this special bond with your precious baby.

Investment:  $50 per couple

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Grandparenting Refresher

ONLINE via Zoom until the Covid-19 crisis is resolved.

Grandparents are an amazing resource for wisdom, support, and encouragement for expecting parents. However, many grandparents quickly discover that the approach to pregnancy and the rules for newborn care have evolved much like the telephone to the smartphone. Let the nurturing professionals at the Orchid Nest merge the wisdom of past generations with the methods of the 21st century.

We will have a relaxed conversation on everything from supporting the new mom in pregnancy and birth to the most updated information on newborn care.

Welcome to grand-parenting!!  It’s simply the BEST!

Investment:  $50 per couple

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Private Childbirth Class With An Orchid Nest Instructor

ONLINE via Zoom until the Covid-19 crisis is resolved.

Sometimes it is not possible or desirable for a family to participate in a group childbirth education class. One of the options is private childbirth education. Our private childbirth education classes are also perfect for moms on bedrest. Our classes are based on several different approaches to childbirth. Our goal is to guide women and partners on their path as they explore their own way through labor and birth. Some of the topics that we will explore include:

What you have heard about labor and what that means for you

The stages and phases of labor

Medications and potential interventions

Labor coping strategies including breathing, relaxation, massage and position changes

2nd stage of labor – birthing your baby!

Bonding with your newborn

How to avoid an unnecessary cesarean

Creating a list of birthing preferences

Community resources

Investment + Options: Birth Basics (2.5 hrs = $175; 4 hrs = $300) *printed materials will be provided. For an additional fee, classes can be scheduled in your home.

I've Had My Baby Now What?

ONLINE via Zoom until the Covid-19 crisis is resolved.

A FUN newborn care class! This workshop is designed for new parents-to-be and will address the common questions and concerns that arise after the midwife leaves, or after you bring the baby home from the birth center or hospital through his/her first weeks of life. Topics of discussion will include: sleeping, crying, feeding, bathing, diaper changing, bonding, and more. You will learn what a healthy newborn looks like (there are lots of things that seem like they couldn’t possibly be normal, but are!). Time will be allotted for questions.

Investment:  $50 per couple

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Friends & Family CPR

Family & Friends CPR is for people who want to learn CPR but do not need a course completion card in CPR for their job. This course is ideal for schools and students, new parents, grandparents, babysitters and others interested in learning how to save a life. The Family & Friends CPR Course teaches the lifesaving skills of adult Hands-Only™ CPR, child CPR with breaths, adult and child AED use, infant CPR and relief of choking in an adult, child or infant. Skills are taught in a dynamic group environment by using the AHA’s research-proven practice-while-watching technique, which provides students with the most hands-on CPR practice time possible.


Group class $50 per person/$75 for a couple

Private class at the Orchid Nest:  $200 (up to 4 people)

Private class in your home: $250 (up to 4 people) *additional travel fee may apply

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