What is Sacred Doula + What Will I Learn/ Experience?

After completing the training and post-retreat responsibilities you will be a certified doula and able to support women and families during their pregnancy & birth & immediate postpartum.  This is a VERY comprehensive training…be prepared to work and have fun. In our retreat we PROMISE: honoring, love, SISTERHOOD, yummy food, evidence-based information, peace, calm, JOY, flowers, CHOCOLATE, empowerment, creativity, LOVE of blossoming gorgeous bellies, herbs, BLISS, good tears, sweet tunes that MOVE us to dance and a collective vision to bring SACREDness back to birth.  For more information please visit SacredDoula.com



Sacred Doula Certification Retreat Schedule:


Delray Beach, Florida – October 25-28, 2018

Costs: $875 (retreat, lunch daily + lots of swag….excludes lodging)

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Refund Policy: BE SURE YOU WANT TO ATTEND! While life happens, we do not refund retreats. If you find that you can not come for ANY REASON AT ALL, your money will be transferred to another retreat of the same type for inclusion. This will be valid for 1 year.

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