At the Orchid Nest, we are committed to helping women create more satisfying birth experiences. Our doulas, aka Team Orchid, are highly skilled and passionate about their work.  They also receive continuous training and mentoring by international doula trainer Lorie McCoy.

Team Orchid truly understands the physiology of birth and how best to support a woman’s sometimes unique birthing preferences in a variety of birthing environments. You can expect your doula to work in cooperation with your partner/family and particularly the professionals you have selected to provide the medical care for you and your baby.

It would be our honor to guide, support and help you create a positive, empowering and safe experience.

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Call our office for a complimentary private consultation or join us for our monthly Meet the Doula event, so that we can assess your needs and preferences. We will guide you in selecting the perfect doula.

After all the necessary paperwork is completed you can expect to meet with your doula privately 1-2 times and she will be available 24/7 via telephone or email for any questions or guidance that you might need.


Professional Doula – $1075

Master Doula Lorie McCoy – $1500


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