HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator

Build a career as a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator and enjoy the rewards that come from preparing parents for joyful, empowering birth. A 4-day complete childbirth educator certification designed for: nurses, physicians, midwives, doulas, chiropractors, hypnotherapists and anyone else with a strong interest in creating better birthing.

Course Information

You can achieve your Certification as a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner by attending a four-day workshop.

When you complete your practitioner training and the required reviews you can proudly call yourself a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator (HBCE). You will join a group of dedicated teachers in nearly 50 countries around the world bringing the message that birth is natural, normal and healthy. You will have the tools to help women release their fears and use specialized breathing, relaxation, visualization and massage techniques to create a positive birth experience. You will be a part of a powerful movement to help women find the best in themselves as they and their babies experience birth as it is meant to be. As a practitioner you will have the online support and insights of other instructors.


Certification Training Dates

Please email Hello@OrchidNest.com for upcoming trainings or visit HypnoBirthing.com

Course Content Segment 1:

Prerequisite Courses Introduction to Birth Basics—for all persons who do not have a professional background in birthing.

  • Anatomy of The Female Reproductive System -Labor Signals.
  • Conception and Early Fetal Development -Characteristics of Managed Labor.
  • Characteristics of the Uterus -Characteristics of HypnoBirthing Labor.
  • The Baby’s Support System -Labor Stages as Defined in Typical Birthing.
  • Physical Changes during Pregnancy -Labor Phases as Defined in HypnoBirthing.
  • Fetal Positioning during Pregnancy -Mother Directed Birthing.
  • Turning Breech Presented Babies.

Introduction to Hypnosis for Birthing—for all persons who do not have certification in hypnosis

  • Understanding Hypnosis -Mind/Body Association and Application.
  • Applications of Hypnosis -Judging Trance Depth.
  • Attitudes about Hypnosis -Guidelines for Achieving Change.
  • Basics of Brainwave Activity -Elman—Ericksonian—Shanti Leads.
  • Laws of the Mind -Eye-lift Conversion Lead.
  • The Rationale for Hypnosis in Birthing -Deepening Techniques.
  • Understanding Client’s Learning Styles -Posthypnotic Suggestions.
  • Steps to Achieving Hypnosis -Alerting Techniques.
  • Dangers of Unqualified Therapy -Practice Exercises.

Course Content Segment 2:

HypnoBirthing Practitioner Essentials

  • HypnoBirthing Philosophy and Beginning -Looking at the “Due Date”.
  • How the Uterus Works in Birthing -Avoiding Artifcial Induction.
  • What’s Wrong with Labor -Preparing the Birth Preferences Sheets.
  • How Fear Affects Labor -How the Body and Baby Work Together.
  • Origin of Fear and Pain in Labor -The Onset of Labor.
  • Pre-Birth Parenting and Fetology -Breathing Through Labor.
  • Selecting the Care Provider -The Hallmarks of Labor.
  • Preparing The Mind and Body for Birth -Perinatal Bonding.
  • Relaxation Techniques -Bonding with Baby.
  • Releasing Fear and Limiting Thoughts -Labor Management Styles.
  • Building a Partnership with Care Providers.

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