Placenta Encapsulation

In Thailand, it is customary to salt the placenta and place it in an earthenware jar. In France, placenta has been used as a beauty treatment in skin creams. And in Cambodia, the placenta is traditionally wrapped in a banana leaf, nestled beside the newborn baby for 3 days, and then ritually buried.

Cultures across the globe have different ways of using the placenta and while  the traditions vary, the one thing they share in common: the nutrient-rich placenta is never casually discarded.

Placenta encapsulation or Placentophagy has become a very mainstream practice in the past few years.

We like to say that we were encapsulating at the Orchid Nest long before encapsulating was cool.

So many women are are recognizing the effects of replenishing their postpartum body after labor with all of the iron, protein, vitamins, and minerals that the placenta is naturally enriched with.

Below is a list of just a few of the known hormones and their functions that are produced by the placenta.  What’s even more amazing? These hormones are exactly what a postpartum mother needs and she can share them with her newborn via her breast milk.

  • Prolactin: promotes lactation
  • Oxytocin: for pain and bonding, is known as the “love” hormone
  • Interferon: stimulates the immune system to protect against infection
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: boosts energy and helps recover from stressful events
  • Cortisone: combats stress and unlocks stores of energy
  • Hemoglobin: replenishes iron deficiency and anemia
  • Gammaglobulin: immune booster that helps protect against postpartum infection
  • Urokinase Inhibiting Factor & Factor XIII: stops bleeding and enhances wound healing

We truly believe that placenta services can greatly increase the chances of breastfeeding success and help create a peaceful, balanced postpartum experience for the whole family, particularly those who are at a greater risk for postpartum depression and anxiety, and those with a history of infertility or low milk supply.

What We Offer:

Encapsulation $275 ($25 discount for doula & HypnoBirthing clients)

We never add ANY herbs or supplements to our capsules.  The only thing you will find inside your capsules is YOUR dehydrated placenta.  Vegetarian/kosher capsules are available by request.

Placenta Tincture $55

Our tinctures are an organic alcohol base infused with a small portion of the raw placenta. This is a great way to lengthen the shelf-life and effects of placenta medicine. Because the placenta is infused raw, this tincture brings more of an energetic boost. Many women can gain the benefits later in their postpartum period from a tincture. 3-5 drops can be placed in a glass of water or directly onto the tongue. Our tincture comes in TWO 4 oz. amber glass dropper bottles.

**tinctures traditionally take 4-6 weeks to cure but we use a special process that allows our tinctures to be ready in 24-48 hours.

Salve $35

It is surprising how many high-end cosmetics and facial lotions contain placenta protein, though usually from sheep or cow sources. Now you can have an organic product that is guaranteed to work for your own skin (and without questionable sources). The progesterone in a placenta helps to inhibit Collagen breakdown. This salve can be used to heal Cesarean scars, stretch marks, and diaper rash. **we use soothing organic herbs such a lavender, calendula, chamomile and arnica in our salves.

Fresh Smoothie $25

A custom fresh fruit smoothie will be prepared for you.  Clients report these benefits when consuming their smoothie:

  • Helps stop postpartum bleeding and trigger the body to quickly heal internal wounds.
  • Gives the body an immediate supply of essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Provides the body with an immediate boost of hormones to begin healing the body after birth.
  • Gives the mother an immediate feeling of strength and balance.
  • Most mothers who have the smoothie report that their milk ‘comes in’ at day 2 postpartum rather than 3-4 days postpartum.
  • Eases the hormonal transition to postpartum and helps reduce the ‘baby blues’ and depression.

Placenta Prints $25

We will make a stamped print of your “Tree of Life” using either your blood (it dries to a brown stain) or vegetable based color dyes which will not affect the ability to consume your placenta in any form.

Vegan Truffles $35


6 organic vegan truffles (nuts can be omitted) made with vegan dark chocolate, organic coconut oil, organic Madagascar vanilla, organic Bali cocoa powder, sea salt and YOUR placenta!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe? What about sanitation?

Yes, it’s safe and we diligently follow OSHA guidelines and have completed a specialized bloodborne pathogens training for placenta services.

Here is a recent article from Oregon State University on the safety:

Do I just ask for my placenta?

Yes! If you birth at a hospital, the staff will package it up for you to bring home. They will also have you sign a waiver that allows them to release the placenta from their facility. If your placenta needs to go to pathology for testing, please see if they can take a piece and not the entire placenta. We apologize but do not accept placentas that have been sent to the lab as we cannot be sure that preservative agents have not been used or that the placenta was kept refrigerated. It is important that the placenta be refrigerated or kept on ice until it is received by us for services.

What if I am induced/have a medicated birth/cesarean can I still consume?


What if I’m Group B-Strep positive?

The only service that we don’t offer without a special waiver is the Placenta Smoothie. It’s unlikely that there would be any negative consequences with bacteria but we don’t recommend it.

When will I receive my capsules and how many will I get?

Our goal is 48 hours! It depends on the volume of placentas we are processing, so sometimes it may take an extra day if we are really busy. We have also had them back to clients in as little 24 hours! The number of capsules varies from client to client based on the size of the placenta. An average range of capsules is 80-120.

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