Fertility Yoga,Infertility Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a key ingredient to having a healthy and happy pregnancy. It positively affects you from your physical body to emotional state.

Prenatal yoga encourages stretching, mental centering, and focused breathing. Throughout your pregnancy, your body undergoes many different changes. This can create unforeseen mental and physical stress.

The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

For expecting mothers, prenatal yoga poses help increase your body’s strength and flexibility. You learn to develop proper techniques that help you breathe and relax making for a more comfortable labor.

This curative form of yoga is beneficial to your overall health.

It is a form of exercise that improves your pregnancy wellness. The many benefits prenatal yoga can provide includes:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased Flexibility, Strength, & Endurance
  • Reduced Risk of Preterm Labor
  • Decreased Headaches, Nausea, Lower Back Pain, & Carpal Tunnel

With prenatal yoga, you are able to create the pregnancy that you desire. Allow yourself to gracefully adapt to each phase of this momentous time in your life.

The techniques explored in this prenatal yoga class allow you to nurture and open your body. Come explore breathing techniques, asanas (postures), and mantras.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

At Orchid Nest, our prenatal yoga classes are warm and supportive. No previous yoga experience is required. From beginners to experienced yogis, you will feel right at home sharing your journey with other expecting mothers.

You may begin taking Prenatal Yoga Classes at any month of your pregnancy. You are safe from your first trimester to your last.

You will develop the tools that help you handle stressful situations by mastering the following:

  • Remain In A Meditative State Throughout Your Pregnancy
  • Care For Your Body
  • Develop & Maintain Flexibility and Strength
  • Prepare Your Mind & Body For Birthing
  • Improves Your Relationship With Your Partner

Orchid Nest is the Birthing Center in Delray Beach FL that offers the most effective prenatal yoga classes. We take pride in providing the best birthing programs so you can have a peaceful and happy pregnancy.

Our warm and supportive class also provides space for you to enjoy a cup of our organic herbal tea and to connect with other expectant moms.

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Drop In Class $15

10 Classes $100

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