Madelyn Gray - August 27, 2018
Madelyn Gray

I can not say enough good things about Julie! My husband and I decided that we wanted to have an unmedicated birth and thought that a doula would really help us achieve that goal. We went to a “meet the doulas” night and got to meet all the wonderful doulas there, but we really felt like Julie was the perfect fit for us. She was so great at answering my unending questions about pregnancy and labor and calming me down about anything I was worried or nervous about. I really appreciated how encouraging she was during the whole process. She was really worth her weight in gold during labor! I went into labor at night and texted her, we thought it would still be awhile, but things started happening quickly and she came right over to my house and helped me relax a little longer before heading to the hospital. She was such a great support for me, I was starting to panic and wanting an epidural, but she was able to help me focus and breath, reminding me to make low sounds and suggesting positions that could help. It was also great to have her there to pay attention to what was going on and make sure that things were going as close to my birth plan as possible and be a voice for me when I couldn’t. She anticipated any needs I had, and ones I didn’t know I had, it was so helpful. She held my hand when I needed it and helped my husband to be there for me and give me the support I needed. Seeing her joy when I finally delivered my baby girl was awesome too! It was great having her come over the next week also to check on us and be able to talk about our birth story, and tell me about the little things I missed too. You would not regret having her there to support you through one of your biggest moments in life!

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